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JetPeel FacialsIn Houston

Innovations to Aesthetic Wellness

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center brings tech-forward innovations to aesthetic wellness with JetPeel Facials in Houston for better skin in one visit. This innovative facial merges the latest advancements from NASA and the aviation industry to reduce puffiness and bring out your skin’s inner glow with iLIFE's Houston lymphatic massage!

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What is a JetPeel Facial?

Lymphatic massage is a therapeutic massage that reduces facial puffiness, detoxifies the skin, boosts immunity, and stimulates circulation for improved radiance. Rhythmically massaging the fluid that builds up in the body’s lymphatic system pushes the fluid toward the lymph nodes, which in turn empty the fluid into the bloodstream, where it is flushed away.

The JetPeel system represents the most advanced lymph drainage system on the market. The patented handpiece generates pressurized air to create fine, misty streams that travel over your skin at a speed of more than 600 feet per second. The streams provide precise and consistent lymphatic drainage while exfoliating the epidermal skin layer. It is incredibly relaxing and provides instant visible results. Your iLIFE provider will also perform LED light therapy. First developed by NASA, LED uses different color wavelengths to soothe and repair the skin.

What are the benefits of JetPeel Facials?

A lymphatic drainage massage relieves facial swelling, speeds detoxification, bolsters immunity, promotes microcirculation, and improves skin radiance. The benefits are not just physical. It is a rejuvenating experience for your mind, body, and soul.

The JetPeel lymphatic facial goes a step further than traditional lymph massage. The jet stream exfoliates the skin surface while creating microchannels to optimize transdermal delivery of skin booster infusions. The system ensures safe, steady, and consistent lymph drainage for optimal results.

LED uses different wavelengths of light to improve a range of skin problems. Your iLIFE facialist will mix and match the ideal wavelengths to address your unique set of concerns. For example, red light therapy builds collagen for firmer skin, yellow wavelengths reduce sun damage, blue light kills acne bacteria, and green light accelerates wound-healing activity.

Who is a candidate for JetPeel Facials?

Nearly anyone who wants to get rid of puffy facial skin and boost radiance can benefit from the treatment, regardless of skin type or tone.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not have LED light therapy. Your iLIFE provider can still perform lymph drainage with JetPeel and omit the LED for pregnant or nursing mothers. If you have medical conditions, let your provider know before getting started.

JetPeel Facials Procedure

You can expect a comfortable and relaxing experience. The procedure is painless, needleless, and 100 percent non-invasive.

Your iLIFE facialist will place the JetPeel wand at a 45-degree angle to your skin surface. Once powered on, the high-velocity jet streams gently massage your face in a steady rhythm to facilitate lymph drainage and exfoliate your skin surface for improved cell turnover. The stream microchannels allow for transdermal delivery of booster infusions for rapid absorption. LED light therapy is likewise soothing and painless. They will fix the light panel a few inches above your skin as you lie back and relax. The different wavelengths of light gently improve the condition of your skin for a more pronounced result than lymph drainage alone.

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JetPeel Facials Recovery

There is absolutely no downtime with the JetPeel Lymphatic drainage massage in Houston. Sensitive skin types may experience a bit of redness, but it usually goes away in an hour.

JetPeel Facials Results

Your skin will look relaxed, less puffy, and smoother immediately after your treatment. For the best effects, your iLIFE facialist may recommend a series of treatments for an outstanding long-term result.

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