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Chemical Peels In Houston, TX

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center is a natural beauty and wellness institute that offers the latest advancements in clinical skincare, including chemical peels.

Unlike harsh chemical peels of the past, our Houston chemical peels experts use modern-day peels to quickly refresh your skin surface, frequently with no downtime at all! A synergistic blend of skin-safe acids renews your skin surface by obliterating impurities and dead skin cells. In minutes, your skin takes on a more youthful glow and smoother texture from the comfort of iLIFE’s upscale treatment rooms.

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What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are excellent for reducing sun damage, age spots, melasma, rough skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in one fell swoop. While most people think of facial peels, they work just as well on areas such as the neck, décolletage, and hands.

When applied by a highly experienced skincare expert in Houston chemical peels will help to exfoliate the skin, speed cell turnover, and optimize collagen production for a vivacious, baby-soft complexion that looks young, rested, and free of imperfections. Chemical peels gently and quickly dissolve the superficial skin layer with an acidic solution. Instead of manual exfoliation, which can leave the skin red, raw, and irritated indiscriminately, these skin-safe ingredients melt and break the bonds between the dead cells on the epidermis without any harsh scrubbing.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels vary in strength. The stronger the peel, the more pronounced the result. However, many of our Houston chemical peel patients typically find that the superficial and mid-depth peels offer similar benefits without the pain and downtime of highly caustic chemical peels.

iLIFE will suggest a light or medium chemical peel depending on your skin concerns and tolerance for downtime. A superficial peel provides an instant glow that is like a facial, but better! Peeling is absent to minimal. Moderate peels involve a minor amount of peeling that starts a day or two after your treatment to provide a deeper level of improvement.

While the strongest chemical peels can address resistant skin concerns, iLIFE finds that the long downtime is a hindrance to our patients. If you have resistant skin issues, iLIFE may instead recommend a series of medium peels that can provide an equivalent result without the soreness, crusting, and red, raw skin associated with full-strength chemical peels. At iLIFE, there is no need to go aggressive when you can get the same results without the skin aggravation and lengthy recovery period! They may also suggest alternatives such as laser skin resurfacing if it is deemed to be a better match for your unique skin concerns. Prior to having a chemical peel Houston patients will have a customized treatment plan for their particular needs and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Chemical Peels?

With a custom-mixed chemical peel at iLIFE in Houston, you can easily improve the look of:

  • Dull skin
  • Rough, flaky patches
  • Certain types of scars
  • Mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines
  • Mottled, pigmented, and sun-damaged skin

Who is a candidate for Chemical Peels?

With older chemical peels, aesthetic specialists could only treat fair complexions. Things have changed today. Superficial peels are suitable for nearly all skin tones and types. There are only a few instances when chemical peels are not suitable. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should opt for other skin treatments at iLIFE. Your iLIFE provider can point you in the right direction with expert guidance. Clients who have damaged skin or active acne may benefit from LED light therapy at iLIFE to prep the skin, so it is ready to accept a chemical peel treatment at a later date. Come speak to the highly qualified chemical peel providers at iLIFE to get started on your journey toward better skin. iLIFE can help when others can’t.

Chemical Peels Process

After cleansing your skin, your iLIFE chemical peel specialist will apply a customized blend of actives to your skin. Depending on the peel strength and resiliency of your skin, you may experience mild burning or stinging momentarily. Most clients don’t find it too uncomfortable. After a few seconds to minutes, they will neutralize the peel solution, then apply moisturizer and SPF to soothe and protect your skin.

Chemical Peels Recovery

There is no downtime with light to medium chemical peels. Your skin may look pink or feel a little sensitive initially. For mid-strength peels, peeling or flaking may start a day or two later. You can apply ointment or fragrance-free moisturizer to tame flaking. It’s usually okay to wear makeup the next day. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear SPF daily, as your freshly exfoliated skin will be more sensitive to UV rays.

Chemical Peels Results

Light peels provide instant gratification.

Your skin will appear fresh, smooth, and healthy from day one. Likewise, medium-depth peels will make your skin bright, smooth, and glowy, with continuous improvement over the coming week. Since chemical peels are fast and convenient, you can repeat your peel as often as needed to extend the longevity of your results. Each peel builds on the results of the last. Depending on the peel strength, your provider may suggest upkeep visits every two to six weeks.

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Learn more about Chemical Peels in Houston

Camera-ready skin makes you feel confident every day, whether you have an important meeting, date night, or party coming up, or you are just stepping out to run a few errands.

There is no reason you can’t look your best 24/7 when there is a solution as simple and effective as chemical peels in Houston. iLIFE’s aesthetic providers are skin experts who deliver unmatched results, making iLIFE a leading destination for Houston chemical peels and related anti-aging treatments. Together, you can brighten, soften, and smooth your complexion for a more youthful you!

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Our world is evolving faster than at any point in human history. The technological advances we make today will have life-changing implications for our future. At iLIFE, we embrace these changes. We look forward to being a part of that future by sharing the latest developments in anti-aging medicine with our members.